Is Your Direct Sales Business Ruining Your Friendships?

Is your direct sales business ruining your friendships? Is direct sales ruining friendships for you? Have you noticed people unfriending you on Facebook, not responding to your messages/texts/calls, not wanting to hang out with you, etc? It may have something to do...

To the Mom Who’s Lonely: You’re Not Alone

I've been realizing lately that I've become lonely. Lonelier than I've ever been in the past. It's not really a place I ever thought I'd be. I've always had friends, lots of them. All through high school, college, and my mid-twenties I was always hanging out with...

Business Tools That Help Make Your Life Easier

Here is a list of my favorite business tools that I use and I couldn't do business without. I wanted to share them with you because I love them and they may be beneficial for you in your business, as well! If you have any favorite business tools that you love that I...

Why Color Street? 6 Reasons I Chose Dry Nail Polish

If you've been around for a hot second, you may know that I am a leader with Color Street. (Don't know what Color Street is? Girlfriend, you're missing out! It's 100% nail polish that is dry to the touch and it will! I mean, who has time to wait for...

Surviving Morning Sickness: 6 Ways I Found Relief

Morning sickness. The dreaded first trimester (usually) struggle. Why do they call it morning sickness, anyway? For me it was It was miserable. If you are one of the lucky women who don't have much, if any, sickness during your first trimester, ENJOY IT!...

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Are You Ready? Valentine’s Day is weeks away. Are you ready? It’s an opportunity to show the one you love just how you feel. It’s a great day to shower your love with affection and attention, but a great gift can’t hurt, right? Sure,...

Seasons of Change in Life and Business

Seasons of change at A Colorful You Have you ever experienced a season of change, maybe a life-change, and felt the urge to make changes in your business? Or, have you experienced changes in your business and felt the urge to make changes in your life? Maybe you...

I’m Melissa Mackey, a leader with Color Street and a new lifestyle/mom blogger. A former special ed teacher turned work from home mama who loves coffee, wine, Mexican food, donuts, horses, and Jesus. Passionate about helping women like you feel just a bit more put together without taking much time out of your day – dry nail polish for the win! Sharing my about my pregnancy and journey to becoming a new mom while working my business. Come alongside me in my journey through womanhood and life. Even though it’s messy at times. Let’s be our beautiful selves together.

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