7 Things I Stopped Doing In Order To Grow My Business

7 Things I Stopped Doing In Order To Grow My Business You often hear people talking about what they did to grow their business. But sometimes there are things you are doing that you need to stop doing in order to grow your business. Here is my list. Doubting myself....

How to Do Direct Sales Without Being Spammy

Is it possible to do direct sales without being spammy? Have you ever wondered how to do direct sales without being spammy? Is that even possible? You may already be in direct sales or network marking or maybe you're thinking about joining, and you may be wondering if...

Are “Like Ladders” Hurting Your Business?

Like Ladders … What are they? You know those posts where they ask everyone to share their Facebook page or Instagram link and everyone is supposed to "like" or follow everyone else's links to help them grow their following? We call those "like ladders." Almost every...

3 Simple Ways to Be More Productive

We all could some tips to be more productive, amiright? You know, you get on your computer planning being super productive and get lots of work done...but then Facebook. An hour later, after you've caught up on all 101 groups you are in, you decide you really need to...

Branding Your Direct Sales Business: The Complete Guide

As a direct seller or network marketer, you may have heard about branding your direct sales business and how important that is. You may know that you need to brand yourself and not your company. But how do you do that exactly? Where do you start? What steps do you...

Dos and Don’ts of Visual Branding

What is Branding? What is branding? Is it a logo? A business name? A color scheme or certain fonts? Well, a brand will encompass all of those things, but that is not all that branding is! Branding is more than just the visual branding. Branding is your voice, your...

Spring Clean Your Direct Sales Business

It's officially spring time and talk of spring cleaning is everywhere! While I know I need to spring clean my house, I am going to put it off for now and spring clean my business, instead! 😉 7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Direct Sales Business Do you have empty likes on...

15 Facebook Post Ideas For Better Engagement

Do you struggle with engagement on your Facebook business page? You are using a business page, right? (It is against FB's Terms and Services to do business on your personal profile.) Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk target market, then I will give...

Target Market and Direct Sales: Why You Need One

What is a target market and why do I need a target market in direct sales? Good question! Let's chat! 😉 First, let's talk about what a target market is. Dictionary.com defines it as, "A particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed." That is a...

My Favorite Direct Sales Business Tools

Here is a list of my favorite direct sales business tools that I use and I couldn't do business without. I wanted to share them with you because I love them and they may be beneficial for you in your business, as well! If you have any favorite business tools that you...

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