“Come on in, get comfy, and let me get you a drink. I’ve got coffee and wine.”

This is what I would say to you if we weren’t meeting virtually. We’d chat, we’d laugh, we’d share our struggles with #momlife. By the end of our time together we’d be best friends and planning a play date.

But since we have to hang out virtually, I’ll introduce myself here.

Who am I? I’m Melissa Mackey, a semi-crunchy former special ed teacher turned work from home mama who loves Jesus, coffee, wine, Mexican food, donuts, horses, comfy leggings, and dry nail polish.

I am passionate about helping women like you feel just a bit more put together without taking much time out of your day – dry nail polish for the win!

Here is where I share about my journey through life and motherhood while working my business, and where I make new friends (YOU!) on the way.

Come alongside me in my journey through motherhood and life. Even though it’s messy at times. Let’s be our authentic, beautiful selves together.

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