STEP 1: Scroll through this Google Form to sign up for your Color Bag monthly subscription so your manis & pedis will magically show up in your mailbox each month with NO effort on your part!

STEP 2: After you have signed up by filling out the Google Form, PAY for your subscription here! Choose which subscription option you want to sign up for from the drop down menu.


STEP 3: If at any point you want to opt out of your subscription, come to this page and click this unsubscribe bottom or update the Google Form BEFORE YOUR NEXT MONTH’S SUBSCRIPTION CHARGE (you will be charged on the same date each month depending on the date you first sign up and pay). All subscribers who are opted in as of 11:59 PST on the date before their charge each month will be charged for that month’s subscription. You can change your preferences here on this form at any time to receive different styles or to opt in/out.

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