Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Are You Ready?

Valentine’s Day is weeks away. Are you ready? It’s an opportunity to show the one you love just how you feel. It’s a great day to shower your love with affection and attention, but a great gift can’t hurt, right? Sure, candy and flowers are classic options, but why not be a little more creative? Maybe this list can inspire. Here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas that have caught my eye. I hope they inspire you.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

Spa Day Gift Certificate: 
Total pampering and relaxation is a great present for any stressed out, busy woman. There are so many options to give. Spas have a variety of services – massages, facials, steam treatments, and more. You can offer your Valentine a great day of relaxation at a local spa that she will more than appreciate!

Green Air SpaVapor 2.0 Spa Room Diffuser and Plant Therapy Essential Oils: This is the diffuser I have in my bedroom! I love the intermittent diffusion feature and that you can choose to run it for one, two, or three hours. It is perfect for using at bed time, and with the right oils (I love a combo of Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Lavender), it helps me sleep well! Plant Therapy is by far my favorite oils to use, with pure essential oils of the highest quality. I love that they have certified aromatherapists on staff to answer questions, as well! And free shipping is a huge plus in my book! Use this link to get $10 off your first purchase!

This Gorgeous Kate Spade Purse: 
If your lady is into designer purses, this one is gorgeous! And a good price too, for being Kate Spade. I’d say you can’t go wrong with this one! I’m drooling over it as I write this!

Movie Night Basket
: For the woman who enjoys a night at home with a favorite movie and her special someone, this is another great option. Grab her favorite movie, candy, and popcorn. Add a cozy blanket and a bottle of wine, and date night might be her favorite day of the week. Perfect for after the kids go to bed, especially if you are on a budget!

Color Street Dry Nail Polish: 
For the woman who enjoys a good manicure and nail art, Color Street’s dry nail polish strips offer an opportunity to show off a little personality, with no risk of chips and dings, super easy to use, plus no dry time! It’s a win-win in my book! There’s even a unique collection for Valentine’s Day, and tons of other options to choose from.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Mid-Size Kit: 
For the man who appreciates the perfect shave, the mid-size Art of Shaving kit is a great option. He can prepare, lather, shave, and moisturize with ease. This kit helps to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, while creating his perfect look. My husband loves this set and prefers the unscented version, but I am partial to the sandalwood scent!

Shish Kabob Skewer Rack Set
: Does he like to grill? A kabob grilling skewer rack set gives him another option when he moves outside to cook. You can customize each kabob for everyone in the family, and the baskets lessen the potential for flavor mixing.

JackCube Design Multi-Functional Nightstand Organizer: 
This nightstand organizer is great for a guy who likes to keep things neat and tidy. It has a charging hole for smartphones, nine different storage compartments in two levels, and a black carbon leather finish. This is one elegant organizer, with a luxury feel, and it keeps everything close at hand.

Norwex Car Accessories: If the man in your life enjoys washing and taking care of his vehicle, these just might be his new favorites! The Car Wash Mitt is two sided microfiber and excellent at collecting dirt and debris. The Car Cloth is great for quickly drying and polishing your car’s car windows, mirrors, chrome, and the rest of the car!

Norlan Glass Whisky Glasses: 
For the man who enjoys his whisky, classic hand-blown Borosilicate glasses by Norlan are designed to enhance the flavor of his favorite whisky brand. The lightweight glass was created with master distiller Jim McEwan.

No matter what your lady or leading man enjoy, there’s a perfect Valentine’s Day present out there! What do you like to get your significant other for this holiday? Share your Valentine’s Day gift ideas in a comment below!

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